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Ximu L-Carnitine Slimming Coffee:
This product
takes Brazil virgin forest black coffee, together with pure natural plant-Garcinia Cambogia, lotus leaf element, wild rose essence,Deep-sea chitin, Vitamin B3/B6 VC,as the main raw material.It is made and refined by the scientific process and it is a natural, healthy, safe slimming products without any side effects.
Ingredients: Brazil wild arabica black coffee, Garcinia cambogia (HCA), lotus leaf element, wild rose essence, deep sea chitin, vitamin B3, B6.VC
Specifications: 10 g / bag X18 bags
Scope: simple obesity, adolescent obesity, postpartum obesity.
Suitable for people: Not suitable for children and pregnancy, breast-feeding women, patients with heart disease and flu patients.
Effect: Enhance fat metabolism,promote fat burning,block fat synthesis.
Usage & Dosage: once a day, each time a packet 15-30 minutes before breakfast and a bag of coffee into a glass container cargo plastic container, then poured into 50-100ml of hot water, stir well and serve. 
Effect: a week of taking the ordinary people can reduce weight 5 lbs, To speed up the results proper control of appetite or to increase the amount of exercise, the effect more. Not increment to two packs a day.
Ximu L-Carnitine Coffee contains HCA to help lose weight after slimming to prevent weight gain (rebound).It works well. For those who managed to cut down the weight,drinking Ximu L-Carnitine Coffee which is added the HCA raw materials Brazil potent slimming coffee would be more effective to keep the weight to prevent rebound.
Note: This product cannot replace drugs.

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