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True & Fake for Lida daidaihua?

Lida daidaihua ever have been so popular worldwide in the past that almost nobody did not know about it at that time.As we know,Original Lida daidaihua can work very well for most people,however,because the Fake spread here and there at that time with the result that many customers bought the Fake one which did not work at all.As time goes on,many people are not optimistic about it any longer.Acturally Real Original Lida daidaihua works very well almost for all people,as never has been changed. In order to differentiate real original lida daidaihua, we first introduce the history of this product.

In the past,there were many versions of Lida daidaihua during different periods.

For the First Generation-Original Lida daidaihua (Befroe June,2008):
This is So-called original lida daidaihua version with English and Chinese description;It can work very well,which was designed for people who need to lose at least 30-35 lbs. However,Unfortunately it had been stopped since June, 2008.
Looking into the upper picture,please.  
For the Second Generation: (July,2008-March,2009):
Since June,2008,the original factory had released the second generation with English -Chinese description and a red "logo" mark at the same time.However,it can not work well at all,it was designed only for people who need to lose 10-15 lbs.On March,2009,the factory gave up it.For the picture,please refer to the upper.
For the Third Generation:
(April,2009-December 2009):
On April,2009,the original factory released the third generation with English-Russian description.It was designed for people who need to lose 20-25lbs.
For the Fourth Generation:
(After December,2009):
On December,2009,the original factory released the fourth generation with English description.It was designed for people who need to lose 20-25 lbs.This is the new version of Lida daidaihua.
For the plus Generation:(Our new pack,Original formula Lida daidaihua):
Because original Lida factory had stopping producing the original Lida daidaihua since June 2008,in addition,there were so many buyers who wanted to order Original one,Our company ,authorised by the original LiDa manufacturers, come out Daidaihua natural slimming capsule which had the same formula with original Lida daidaihua.They have the same pill and the same effect in slimming.it is the real original lida daidaihua. The only difference are their packs.Daidaihua natral slimming capsule is bottle-packed.Actually Daidaihua natral slimming capsule is endowed with higher-quality pack which is easier to be conserved. Please refer to the upper picture.
Please Notice:
The original factory had stopped producing all versions of Lida daidaihua long before.Nowadays,there are many other versions of Lida found in the market,in fact they are not authentic Lida.That means,if you find the first,second,or third generation lida daidaihua in the market now,they must be fake or the capsule had expired long before.The Fake are added with other invalid materials,therefore can not work well at all;In addition, Fake Lida is processed with bad sanitary conditions. So,please do not take them.