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ABC Organic Puer Diet Tea

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ABC Organic Puer Diet Tea:
1. 100% Safe,free side effects;
2. 100% Original factory supply;
3. No Drug, No Diarrhea.
ABC Organic Puer Diet Tea selects top quality drying green primary tea from 6 famed tea mountains such as Qianjia village, Wuliang mountain, Jingmai mountain in Puer city of Yunnan, China and produced with traditional technique and latest blending technology. It employs unique fermentation technology which enables its self-contained lipase to decompose and remove fat from our body, accelerate the metabolism, remove toxins from body, prevent accumulation of redundant fat, keep the smoothness of the Human detoxification channel for your slim body. 
Brand Name: ABC Organic Puer Diet Tea
Net Weight: 5g/bag
Main Ingredient: Puer large-leaf tea (drying green primary tea 100% natural)
Specification: 5g*20packets each box.
Usage & Dosage: Twice per day, 1 bags each time.
Effect: Slimming and weight loss
Product executive standard number: GB/T22111-2008
Storage: In dry, cool, clean, light-proof and no-smell place.
Shelf life: Suitable for Long Term storage. 
Suitable crowd:
Whole-length fat type, engorgement type and strong absorbency, who are easy to be fat.
 Non-benefited: Pregnant woman and woman in lactation period.
Enjoy ABC diet tea in 5 easy steps.
1. Open 1 bag and add loose leaf to the filter
2. Add boiled water and infuse for around 15seconds
3. Press the button on filter
4. Remove the filter and put aside
5. Enjoy freshly brewed loose leaf tea
(Note: Please dump the 1st cup as it is for washing purpose) 
For the best losing weight effects, Do not take food with high calorific value, do not drink coffee/alcohol, do not eat nuts, And do not eat anything 3hours before you go to sleep. Spicy food is not suggested to take during your treatment period with ABC diet tea.

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