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New User Guide

Slimming-web.com Overview

    Slimming-web.com, we strive to provide our customers the best products with the best service at the best price.    No Minimum Orders All ... more info

How To Make An Order From Slimming-web.com?

    I Do Not Know How To Make Orders?Can You Help Me To Make An Order On Your Website? Here are some  step-by-step instructions to help you ... more info

Can I Trust Slimming-web.com?

    If you have any doubts about anything, you're right to be cautious. Here's some key information about Slimming-web.com to give you more confidence in ... more info

What about Return Policy?

    All products sold through Jinybeauty are covered by warranty and return policies. we appreciate your business, and with that in mind we always ... more info

How Can I Check the Status Of My Order After Payment ?

    During the process of purchase, you should receive several emails from us. There will be an email confirming your order information,and we will also ... more info

How Can I Return A Faulty Item?

    Before returning goods, please contact us first to discuss the issues you are having. 90% of the time we are able to sort out the problem by giving ... more info

I Can't Log In

    Please follow the following instructions: Check your login details. Your login username is the email address you used for registration. It might be a ... more info

Can An Order Be Made Without Using The Website?

    We prefer our customers to order through our website. You can place orders directly for the products you like.   However, if you want to order ... more info

Can You Ship To "My Country"?

    Yeah,of course,we can ship to your country. Slimming-web.com can ship single item or large orders to Worldwide. _______ Afghanistan Albania ... more info

What Is The MOQ Of Slimming-web.com?

    Slimming-web.com has no minimum order quantity, and we can ship single item or large quantity orders worldwide.

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